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  • How Many Jury Trials Have You Tried in the Last Year?

    Barton Morris takes cases with the effort and desire to win. In order to win, you sometimes must go to trial. Being an effective trial lawyer takes the proper training. They don’t teach effective trial practice in law school.

    Barton Morris has been repeatedly trained by some of the country’s top trial lawyers including:

    • Graduate of the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyer’s College, September 2011 Dubois Wyoming
    • Trial Lawyers College Alumni F Warrior Board Region 7 – 2013-2016
    • Graduate of the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys National Criminal Defense College – June 1999 Macon Georgia
    • Graduate of the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan’s Trial Practice College, August 2010 Lansing Michigan

    Barton Morris successfully performs several jury trials each year.

  • What Criminal Defense Training Have You Received Recently?

    In DUI cases, the evidence is highly scientific and complex. To properly and effectively represent an individual charged with DUI, a lawyer must be trained and skilled to fight against this evidence; otherwise, all the lawyer can do is plead someone guilty. In addition to the several intensive trial practice trainings, Barton Morris has shown his commitment to DUI defense by spending his time and money to attend advanced DUI seminars.

    He has attended:

    • America Chemical Society Forensic Chromatography Course – only Graduate in Metro Detroit
    • NHTSA/IACP Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Practitioner Course
    • Gas Chromatograph (GC/FID and MS) Blood Testing for Alcohol and Drugs
    • Datamaster DMT Operation and Certification Course
    • BAC Datamaster Operation and Certification Course
    • Drug Recognition Expert Training Course

    Plus continuing legal training afforded by being an active member of the following organizations:

    • National College of DUI Defense – four sponsored specialized DUI training sessions per year
    • Michigan OWI Attorney Association (charter member) two DUI seminars per year
  • What Are Your Communication Standards?

    Effective and frequent communication is important. Lawyers, especially criminal lawyers, have a reputation for not returning phone calls and keeping their clients informed of the proceedings of their case. Barton Morris knows that frequent contact with the client is important to let them know that everything is being done that needs to be done on their case and that they, or their case, have not been neglected. Furthermore, it is also important to have frequent and effective communication with the court and prosecuting attorney to ensure that there are no unnecessary delays and that everything is on time and on schedule. Barton Morris knows that a client’s case could be the most important thing presently going on in his/her life and it must be treated that way.

  • How Do You Receive Great Results for Your Clients?

    All good legal defense requires the attorney to be extremely knowledgeable about the applicable science, facts, and law. Thorough investigation is important, including the personal interview of all possible witnesses, and investigation of the scene of the alleged offense. The client interview is often overlooked but is critically important to the attorney’s proper understanding of the case. If the client is questioned properly, critical facts and details will be discovered that may have been overlooked.

    Nothing replaces the value of hard work. When the work is done, judges, prosecutors, and jurors not only respect your lawyer but will look toward them as the authority and give deference to their opinions.

  • What Is Your Reputation with the Courts & Criminal Justice System?

    Reputation is important. If the judge and prosecuting attorney see your lawyer and know that he is hardworking, respectable, intelligent, and always fights hard for his clients, they will often defer to his judgement. When a prosecuting attorney knows that a lawyer is scared to go to trial, the pre-trial offer will reflect that opinion. When a judge knows that you will not back down and appeal, if necessary, rulings that are not lawful, they will be careful to make good rulings and listen to your arguments. Reputation is important – it usually does not matter if I “know” the judge or, “play golf with the prosecutor.” All that really matters is that they respect the defense attorney’s work.

  • What Is Your Strategy for Winning My Case?

    Some lawyers have a strategy of taking your money and accepting whatever offer is first made by the prosecuting attorney, no matter what the evidence or the case. You do not want a lawyer who makes a living pleading people guilty. Barton Morris thinks fight first, pleading only when necessary. Great and amazing results only come when you fight for them. Motions oftentimes need to be filed and a trial may be necessary. You must have an attorney that is not afraid to fight, file motions, and go to trial.

    It is also important to remember that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. A skilled criminal defense attorney in Michigan cannot forget this fundamental principle and put it to use. Juries often do not understand the importance of this old constitutional principle of our democracy and fundamental piece of our system of justice – the best criminal justice system in the world.

  • How Does the Legal Community Judge Your Capability & Competency?

    Barton Morris has been voted a Top Attorney in Metro Detroit in the categories of DUI/OWI defense and non-white collar criminal defense in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2019 by DBusiness Magazine. This honor was selected by attorneys in the area who are asked to vote for who they think are the best in their fields.

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