Assault with Intent to Commit GBH less than Murder

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Assault with intent to commit great bodily harm (GBH) less than murder is a felony. The prosecutor must prove the following beyond a reasonable doubt: The defendant attempted to physically injure another person; at the time, the defendant had the ability to cause the injury (or the plaintiff believed the defendant had that ability); and the defendant intended to cause great bodily harm. Actual harm is not necessary to prove this offense.

A great bodily harm injury is one that caused impairment of a body function or internal injury, multiple puncture wounds, poisoning, serious burns, or severe cuts. This form of assault can result in up to 10 years in prison and a 5,000 fine. There are a number of possible defenses to assault with the intent to do GBH, including self-defense/protection or defense of others, consent, accident, lack of intent, and reasonable doubt.

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