Assault with Intent to Commit Murder

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Assault with the intent to commit murder, also known as attempted murder, is a felony and is punishable by up to life in prison. Assault with intent to commit murder requires the prosecutor to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you intended to kill another person.

Some of the defenses to assault with the intent to commit murder is self-defense, defense of others, insanity, etc. The charge of assault with the intent to commit murder may be reduced to assault with the intent to cause GBH less than murder if the facts can support such a lesser charge. If you have been charged with this crime, it is imperative that you retain strong representation right away to protect your rights and best interests.

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To prove that you are guilty of assault with the intent to commit murder, the prosecution needs to show:

  • You tried to physically harm another individual
  • When you tried to harm the individual, you either had the ability to injure them or at least believed you did
  • You had the intention of killing the individual

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