The Detroit Police Department’s Narcotics Unit – Investigating the Investigators

Detroit Narcotics Lawyer

Over the last few months, the Detroit Police Department’s (DPD) Narcotics Unit has been and currently remains under scrutiny for one of its team’s alleged mishandlings and illegal practices. Police Chief J. Craig had this division dissolved in the summer of 2014 and since that time has been under investigation from various agencies including internal affairs, the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office, the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office. House cleaning can sometimes take a while particularly when dealing with fundamental changes in a major organization.

As of mid-February 2015, a civil suit has been filed in federal court with Detroit along with named officers in this division as defendants from a marijuana raid in a private home at the end of 2013 in Warren.

The Michigan Medical Marijuana Act has had a great deal of attention in Michigan over this last year and is not showing any signs of letting up as this ‘grassroots’ movement continues to grow in popularity – meanwhile, police agencies around the state have expressed their frustrations in trying to do their jobs in arresting and confiscating drugs and drug paraphernalia in what can be very high-risk and dangerous work. Narcotics enforcement squads around the state often have to rely on deceptive, bordering on improper practices in order to ‘catch’ drug users, dealers and traffickers ‘in the act’. The City of Detroit alone is responsible for thousands upon thousands of dollars in confiscated drugs, cash, weapons and vehicles in narcotics raids in and around the city. In the suit filed this week – a couple in Warren were running a medical marijuana enterprise when the DPD Narcotics unit raided the home without warrant, confiscated what they found, including 50 plants and subjected the couple to a long period of questioning before they were released without charge.