Wayne County Sheriff Work Release Rules

To be admitted to the Wayne County Jail work release program first a Wayne County Judge must order the program’s eligibility at the time of the sentence. Once sentenced to the work release program the participant must have the following items to be eligible for release.

The Work Release Program is administered out of Jail Division III: William Dickerson Detention Facility located at 3501 Hamtramck, Hamtramck MI 48212

A letter from the employer on letterhead signed in ink by the direct supervisor which must contain the following information:

  • Daily work schedule with specific hours of employment
  • Work location and description of duties
  • Annual or Hourly pay (They charge 20% of your wages)

The participant must also have the following:

  • A W-2 or last two pay check stubs
  • Money Order in the amount of $105.00 for the first week’s fees

The participant can expect to be placed into the program in two to three days after the date of initial incarceration.

A tether will be worn by the participant to track your whereabouts while under release. The jail will have additional rules and regulations about its program which the participant will be advised (warned) about once in the program. For instance, there can be no use of drugs or alcohol while in the program and the participant will be subject to testing.