MCL 333.7411 Deferrals

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A 7411 deferral allows a person to plead guilty to a drug possession charge and then have that “guilty” charge and plea dismissed after a probationary period. This is only available to individuals who do not have prior drug crimes on their record. Once you satisfactorily complete the probation period, your entire case will be dismissed and there will be no public record of it. The length and term of any probation period are decided by the judge at your sentencing hearing and can range from monthly reporting probation with mandatory alcohol and drug testing to non-reporting probation. A typical probation term lasts for one year, but our Michigan appeals attorneys have had success in negotiating smaller terms.

Benefits of a 7411 deferral include:

  • Your entire case will be dismissed.
  • There will be no public record of your case.
  • You can avoid the mandatory one-year license suspension that comes with all drug possession convictions.
  • Since the charge never goes on your record, you won’t have to go through an expensive and tedious expungement process to try and get it removed later.

It is important to know that a 7411 deferral cannot be used in delivery, manufacturing, or intent to sell drug convictions.

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