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At The Law Offices of Barton Morris, we know how overwhelming it can be to face fraud charges. We also know that the keys to success are preparedness and planning. Our Social Security fraud lawyers in Michigan have extensive experience handling these types of cases and are not afraid to go to trial. If you are under investigation for Social Security fraud or if charges have already been brought against you, we can help. Our team of dedicated professionals is not only respected in the community but is also familiar with all the tricks prosecutors use. When you need an aggressive advocate fighting for you, call us.

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What Is Social Security Fraud?

When someone knowingly provides misleading information in order to obtain Social Security benefits, a fraud crime has occurred. Depending on the nature of the crime, if found guilty, the penalties can involve repayment of benefits, additional fines, restitution, and possible imprisonment. Generally speaking, the judge will determine the penalties based on the seriousness of the case at hand.

Some common situations that may lead to a criminal charge for Social Security fraud include:

  • Hiding information or life events that will affect your benefits, such as being employed, in prison, or receiving worker’s compensation
  • Failure to notify the Social Security Administration (SSA) that a recipient has died and continuing to cash checks made out to the deceased
  • Misusing benefits while acting as a representative for the beneficiary
  • Receiving benefits for a minor or dependent not under your care
  • Buying and/or selling counterfeit Social Security cards
  • Impersonating an SSA representative
  • Bribing an SSA employee
  • Making false claims

Dealing with a Social Security fraud case can be a challenge as every situation is unique and, therefore, requires a customized defense. Working with an experienced criminal defense attorney, like those at The Law Offices of Barton Morris, can help you feel more confident and self-assured when appearing in court.

We Can Help You Through This Difficult Situation

To us, you are more than just a case number, and we always take the time to get to know our clients. We also work hard to investigate and understand the circumstances of your case thoroughly. Doing so enables us to provide clients with the personalized legal representation they need. It is when we truly know our clients and understand what they are going through that we can fight our hardest for them. Our Michigan Social Security fraud lawyers worth together as a team and are driven to bring clients the top-quality legal counsel they deserve.

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