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If you are a parent who wants to keep a conviction from going on your child’s criminal record, or if you want to prevent your child from getting juvenile charges, contact an experienced juvenile crimes attorney. Having an attorney who knows what types of crimes will stay on their juvenile record and how to clear that record when they have been convicted of a crime will help you feel more secure and confident as you deal with this challenging situation. At The Law Offices of Barton Morris, we know how scary this process is, but you aren’t alone. We are here to help.

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How Do the Juvenile Courts Work?

If your child is younger than 17 and facing criminal charges, they will need to go through the juvenile court system. The juvenile courts deal with youth cases and direct the specific processes and procedures that juvenile criminal cases must go through. Similar to regular court, juvenile courts deal with a wide range of criminal offenses. Furthermore, there are some more severe situations in which a minor can be prosecuted as an adult.

Types of cases heard in juvenile court include:

  • Sex crimes
  • Drug crimes
  • Theft crimes
  • Violent crimes

At your child’s initial court hearing, the judge has several options, including dismissing the case, recommending counseling, placing the minor child on what is called the “Juvenile Consent Calendar,” or placing the juvenile on the formal calendar. When dismissal is unlikely, being put on a Juvenile Consent Calendar is preferable to receiving formal charges. With the Juvenile Consent Calendar, the youth in question will be given a correctional plan by the judge, and their record will be kept confidential. If the minor complies with and completes the correctional plan, the charges will be removed from their record.

One Mistake Should Not Define an Individual

At The Law Offices of Barton Morris, we believe that a mistake made early in life should not interfere with a child’s chance for a bright future. We also know how damaging a wrongful conviction can be to an individual. As a criminal defense law firm, we always seek to find the good in people and work to get to know our clients personally. This enables us to provide top-quality legal services that consider the whole person and not just the case at hand. If you are seeking a well-rounded, experienced juvenile crimes attorney in Michigan, we can help. Our offices are conveniently located in Royal Oak, and we are prepared to fight for your child’s rights.

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