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Getting arrested for an OWI or DUI can be anyone’s worst nightmare. One way to fight this charge, though, is to find a skilled OWI lawyer in Michigan and retain them for representation. A DUI, or OWI as it’s called in Michigan, is not something that will simply fall off of your driving record after a few years. It stays on your record for life. It will affect your car insurance rates, your ability to get hired for certain jobs, and you could lose your driver’s license. You need an experienced Michigan DUI attorney in order to avoid these penalties.

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Possible OWI defenses

There are several possible OWI defenses that an experienced lawyer might use; however, if your lawyer is not a skilled trial attorney, they may not be as effective as they need to be.

Some of the possible defenses to an OWI/DUI include:

  • Blood test defenses
  • Breath test defenses
  • Field sobriety defenses
  • Legal challenge defenses

When you consider the possible penalties for your first OWI charge, it is easy to see why you must choose your legal representation very carefully.

Consider these possible penalties:

  • Up to 93 days in jail
  • A $500 fine plus costs
  • A possible ignition interlock device
  • A 30-day suspension of your driver’s license

You could also need a Michigan OWI lawyer for an administrative hearing. This is not the same as the criminal case, but one in which it will be determined whether or not you will get your driving privileges suspended or restored. The process is quite complicated and not one that you should attempt on your own. This is just another reason why the right legal representation is so important through each and every step of your case.

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