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If mishandled, traffic offenses can have a far-reaching impact on your life. In addition to affecting your ability to drive immediately, you may also find yourself dealing with hefty monetary fines, jail time, and even the permanent revocation of your driving privileges. We can help. Our Royal Oak-based traffic ticket lawyers know the ins and outs of Michigan’s traffic code and can help you from start to finish. We know how important it is to retain one’s driving privileges and all of our attorneys work tirelessly to defend our clients’ rights. If you are looking for legal counsel that puts you first, call us.

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Types of Traffic Offenses

Many different circumstances can result in a traffic ticket. The way your case is classified and prosecuted will often depend on whether or not this is your first offense. Typically, first offenses are not punished as harshly as subsequent offenses. Similarly, penalties associated with a guilty verdict escalate when there are previous convictions on your record.

Common traffic offenses include:

  • DUI
  • Reckless driving
  • Driving while license is revoked
  • Driving while license is suspended
  • Fleeing and eluding a police officer
  • Failure to stop and identify at the scene of an accident

Dealing with a traffic offense involves more than just appearing in court. Depending on your specific situation, many different steps and procedures must be adhered to, even after you have received the court’s judgment. For example, if you have a revoked license, there are steps you need to take when it comes to requesting your driving privileges be reinstated. An experienced lawyer can help you with all of these steps.

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If you have been charged with a traffic offense, you probably have a lot of questions, and we can help. Our Michigan traffic ticket attorneys have over two decades of experience and are standing by to help you with your case. At The Law Offices of Barton Morris, we work as a team, meaning that each client’s case gets the benefit of multiple perspectives, allowing for creative solutions to challenging problems. Dealing with a traffic offense requires detail-oriented planning and preparation, and we can help you no matter if this is your first, second, or third offense.

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