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Driving While Licensed Revoked

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Dealing with a license revocation can be extremely difficult as we often rely on our cars every day to take us to work, to pick up our kids from school, or to go to the grocery store. If you are facing charges of driving while license revoked, you may feel overwhelmed. The penalties for a conviction can result in an even longer revocation of your driving privileges, something that can be particularly crushing. At The Law Offices of Barton Morris, we know how demoralizing this can be. But you are not alone. Our Michigan traffic ticket lawyers have significant experience handling driving while licensed revoked cases, and we are prepared to put our knowledge to work for you.

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How Is a License Revocation Different from a License Suspension?

After a license suspension, the license holder automatically regains their license privileges with the payment of a reinstatement fee. After revocation, the license holder must actively ask for the ability to drive again. License revocations are common with multiple DUI offenses.

Examples of license revocation penalties include:

  • Two DUI offenses incurred within seven years results in a one-year license revocation
  • Three DUI offenses within ten years results in a five-year revocation

It is very important to remember that if any crime such as driving while licensed revoked appears on your driving record as a conviction during a period of suspension, the government will automatically add an additional suspension of the same period of time. It’s called a 904 suspension. For example, if you were suspended for six months for an unsatisfactory driving record and you get a ticket during that suspension time, the government will automatically add another six-month suspension. When negotiating a plea bargain, it is essential for the attorney to know what offenses are abstracted to a driving record by the court and which ones are not.

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