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A person will be charged with felony murder if the murder occurs during the course, or attempted course, of a specified felony offense. A person can be charged with felony murder if they were the person who actually committed the felony from which a death occurred or if they aided and abetted in the commission of the felony. The prosecutor must prove the following in order to convict an individual of a felony murder charge: The defendant caused the death; the defendant intended to kill, cause great bodily harm, or knowingly created a situation where the risk of death or great bodily harm was highly likely as a result; when the death occurred, the defendant was committing or attempting to commit a specified felony; and the killing was not justified, excused, or done under circumstances that would qualify for a lesser crime.

When considering felony murder, juries will look at the length of time between the commission of the felony and the murder, whether there was a causal connection between the murder and the felony, and whether the murder occurred during an attempted escape. The most effective defense against a felony murder is to defend against the underlying felony. If the defendant is found innocent of the underlying felony, they cannot be charged with felony murder.

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