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Did you know that there are different manners in which gun cases are charged or that just being in possession of certain types of weapons is a federal offense, including being in possession of a fully automatic weapon or in possession of a weapon with a silencer? Contact The Law Offices Barton Morris to help you understand all gun charges and your rights when it comes to firearm laws.

In order to fight these cases, it’s important that your criminal defense attorney understands these weapons and understands the types of evidence that are necessary to demonstrate proof. Our attorneys at the Law Offices of Barton Morris are gun possession professionals who have the knowledge to find the necessary evidence and defend your weapons charges.

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Other offenses regarding guns include specific individuals that are not allowed to carry weapons, which includes people who are felons or have been charged with a misdemeanor such as domestic violence. So, under these circumstances again, it must be proven that these individuals knew that they were carrying a weapon. Our Michigan guns crimes lawyers can help defend your case when it comes to gun possession.

There is also the armed career criminal acts, which prohibits an individual from carrying a weapon who has a prior conviction for either an aggravated controlled substance offense or an offense of violent nature.

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